December 17, 2020

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With 80 percent of Americans living in urban areas, how we manage water resources in the built environment is a huge driver of sustainability and growth. As the Alliance and its members push for a sustainable water future for all, it is critical to explore how cities are balancing their multiple water challenges—whether it is too much, too little, or poor water quality—in an integrated manner.

This second installment in the Alliance’s Implementing One Water series features One Water leaders from Austin and Los Angeles that have been a part of developing comprehensive, integrated water management plans. Panelists will share their experiences collaborating with departments, organizations, and residents to manage water holistically and to drive multiple benefits to their communities.

The Implementing One Water webinar series features One Water champions and the projects they have led. Each webinar spotlights One Water in action and explores how One Water thinking is embedded and institutionalized through the process. This webinar series addresses three key elements of making a One Water future a reality—engineering, planning, and financing.


Scott Berry, Director of Policy and Government Affairs, US Water Alliance


Kevin Critendon, Assistant Director, Austin Water
Inge Wiersema, Vice President, Water Resources Practice Lead, Carollo