Our Vision: A sustainable, One Water future for all.

The US Water Alliance convenes diverse communities and provides programs and resources to advance common ground solutions to our nation’s most pressing water challenges.

Our Mission: We inspire and sustain a diverse movement to advance transformative solutions to pressing water challenges so communities can thrive.

Our Values

Authentic Relationships. We value connections anchored by honesty, transparency, respect, and vulnerability.

Collaboration. We consistently seek our partners’ and one another’s contributions, incorporating ideas and combining strengths to meet our collective goals.

Equity. We acknowledge histories of injustice, mitigate power imbalances, seek and honor the perspectives of all people with a stake in our work, and hold ourselves accountable for our processes and impacts.

Innovative Approaches. We uncover opportunities and develop, pilot, and spread transformative solutions.

Service. We are humble, rooted in care for people, our planet, and the water we share.

Hallmarks of a One Water Approach

Realizing a Sustainable and Equitable Water Future

One Water is a transformative way of viewing, valuing, and managing water. The One Water approach manages all water—whether from the tap, a stream, a storm, an aquifer, or a sewer—in a collaborative, integrated, inclusive, and holistic manner. One Water can change and regenerate the way we live, the opportunities we have, our environment, and our society.

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One Water is a Pathway to Essential Needs for All

When we come together, we strengthen our connections and collective goals.

Learn about our One Water Summit—the nation's most diverse cross-sector water gathering.

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Join the Alliance

The US Water Alliance’s staff, board, One Water Council, and our communities of practice are collaborating to create a One Water future that brings access to safe, affordable, and accessible drinking water and sanitation services to all communities nationwide. Are you part of the One Water movement or interested in joining it?

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