The One Water movement is rapidly growing and evolving, spreading throughout the water sector and beyond. To best nurture its potential, we need to understand the people, places, and practices One Water has influenced and continues to shape.

One Water is a transformative way of viewing, valuing, and managing water. The One Water approach manages all water—whether from the tap, a stream, a storm, or a wastewater system—in an integrated, inclusive, and holistic manner to secure a sustainable future for all people and our planet. Learn more in our foundational One Water Roadmap.

Launched in 2022 with the support of the One Water Council, our State of the One Water Field Survey was the first nationwide assessment conducted to help establish a benchmark status assessment of the One Water movement. Through this survey, the Alliance sought to understand and communicate the status of the One Water field, identify barriers, and anticipate needs to propel it forward.

The results of this foundational survey will help us track the One Water movement and collectively strategize for the widespread adoption and normalization of integrated, inclusive, equitable, and sustainable water management.

The key findings of our first State of the One Water Field survey are featured below. Access a PDF with the full results here.