One Water,
One Future.

We are transforming the way the nation values and manages our most precious resource.

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Why One Water?

One Water is a transformative way of viewing, valuing, and managing water. The One Water approach manages all water—whether from the tap, a stream, a storm, an aquifer, or a sewer—in a collaborative, integrated, inclusive, and holistic manner. One Water can change and regenerate the way we live, the opportunities we have, our environment, and our society.

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What We Do

The US Water Alliance is a member-supported national nonprofit organization that aligns diverse stakeholders to develop common-ground and transformational solutions to our nation’s most pressing water challenges.


We educate the nation on the true value of water and engage an expanding base of One Water champions through mutual discovery, learning, and communications.

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We initiate new approaches and solutions to our most pressing water challenges, leveraging powerful partnerships, authentic engagement, and cultural strategies to advance One Water.

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We accelerate the adoption and scaling of the mindset, practices, and policies behind the One Water approach to advance a better quality of life for all.

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We celebrate what works to advance the One Water movement and solutions to inspire and spread innovation in water system transformation.

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Our Reach

Our work permeates throughout the water sector and beyond. We invite all those who wish to make their voice heard in the One Water movement to join the conversation.

  • 200+ National and international Alliance members and partners
  • 900+ One Water Summit 2023 attendees in Tucson, Arizona
  • 1,100,000+ Social media impressions in 2023 across LinkedIn, X, and Instagram
  • 100,000,000+ People in the United States served by our member utilities

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