Good Conservation Makes For A Better Brew

Whitney Flanagan and Dagny Leonard, The Conservation Fund | April 27, 2018

With America’s brewery scene rising at a rate of 15 percent per year, it’s undoubtedly an industry worth paying attention to. From large manufacturers to small local brewers in rural areas, there is one key ingredient that can predict the success of operations—clean water! Conservation Fund staffers (and avid beer enjoyers), Whitney Flanagan and Dagny Leonard, explain the Fund’s unique role in ensuring critical land and water resources are protected while supporting entrepreneurs—like brewers—who grow environmentally responsible businesses and create jobs. | More >

On Tap in Washington, April 2018

Scott Berry, Director of Policy and Government Affairs, US Water Alliance | April 26, 2018

The Value of Water Campaign just released its third annual national poll and for the third year in a row Americans resoundingly support investment in water infrastructure. Voters overwhelmingly want the president and Congress to focus on infrastructure, more than any other of the big issues the President campaigned on. That support remains strong for water infrastructure when asked about specifically - more than three-quarters of American voters believe it is extremely or very important for the President and Congress to invest in our water and wastewater infrastructure.  | More >

Recap: Water Week 2018

Emily Simonson, Program Manager, US Water Alliance | April 25, 2018

Coordinated by our water association partners, Water Week 2018 saw hundreds of industry leaders from across the country converge in Washington, DC to educate decision makers about key issues in the sector. At the US Water Alliance, it was a very productive week.  | More >

Four of Five Voters Agree: Now's the Time to Invest in Water Infrastructure

Emily Simonson, Program Manager, US Water Alliance | April 18, 2018

The Value of Water Campaign just released the results from its third annual national poll demonstrating steadfast bipartisan support for water infrastructure, irrespective of the cost. The results are in and 88 percent of Americans voters agree: Water is central to our lives and now is the time to invest in the nation's water infrastructure. | More >

Bridging the Gap on Lead

Suzi Warren, Program Associate, US Water Alliance | April 10, 2018

Water utilities are responsible for providing safe drinking water by treating water to regulatory standards, and by maintaining safe water quality through the distribution system. However, there are limits to water utilities’ ability to assure safe water at the tap, since they do not control the quality of plumbing systems within individual property lines.  | More >

On Tap in Washington March 2018

Scott Berry, Director of Policy and Government Affairs, US Water Alliance | March 25, 2018

As Congress and the Administration struggle to close the book on funding for the fiscal year that began in October 2017, water infrastructure funding appears to have come out on top. After several extensions and a government shutdown, funding for Fiscal Year 2018 has finally been settled. Despite decreases or outright cuts to main federal water infrastructure programs in the President’s Budget as well as the House appropriations bills, and stable funding in the Senate appropriations bills, water infrastructure funding increased in the FY18 Omnibus package. | More >

Reaching Affordability Through Community Partnerships

Suzi Warren, Program Associate, US Water Alliance | March 16, 2018

Utilities across the country grapple with affordability concerns for their customers. The heart of the issue is ensuring that everyone has access to affordable water and sewer service, while also generating sufficient utility revenues to cover rising costs, deal with aging infrastructure, and protect public health. | More >

US Water Alliance Joins Great Lakes One Water Partnership

Emily Simonson, Program Manager, US Water Alliance | March 15, 2018

The US Water Alliance is a proud participant in the Great Lakes One Water Partnership, a multi-year, basin-wide initiative focused on engaging shoreline community foundations as a force multipliers to advance a new era of water management in the region.   | More >

An Equitable Water Future: Opportunities for the Great Lakes Region

Elizabeth Cisar, Senior Program Officer, Joyce Foundation | March 6, 2018

At the Joyce Foundation, we understand that our region’s vitality depends on clean water in our lakes and streams, in our homes, and where we work, that's why we supported An Equitable Water Future, Opportunities for the Great Lakes Region.  | More >

Getting the Job Done with Public and Private Partners

Suzi Warren, Program Associate, US Water Alliance | March 5, 2018

For the nation at large, to attract more investment and innovation to water management, we need to address barriers to putting private money and expertise to work, while making sure that communities’ needs are met and all partners benefit. Many publicly owned utilities utilize private companies to assist in things like planning, engineering, technology application, project delivery, operations, maintenance, and management. Finding the right solution, and unique ways to utilize private businesses for individual communities was a guiding principle behind the creation of the fourth policy brief in the One Water for America Policy Framework: Blend Public and Private Expertise and Investment to Address Water Infrastructure Needs. | More >