Addressing Nutrient Pollution in our Nation’s Waters Webinar
November 3rd, 1:00pm - 2:30pm EST

Nutrient pollution is one of America’s most widespread, costly, and challenging problems. It is a challenge for many different bodies of water across many different regions, but the response to nutrient pollution has been siloed and fragmented. To forge large-scale progress on nutrient pollution, we are going to need a new approach that is more strategic and holistic in its structure and execution. Collaboration across agriculture, utilities, businesses, environmental groups, government, and academia will be necessary to truly make progress towards adopted goals.

Together, the US Water Alliance, National Association of Clean Water Agencies, and Water Environment Federation released a policy brief outlining a new collaborative approach on how to reduce nutrient pollution in our nation's waterways.  The paper, Addressing Nutrient Pollution in Our Nation's Waters: The Role of a Statewide Utility presents options for a collaborative approach that would focus on cost-effective, results-driven investments and projects that would truly move the needle on nutrient levels.  Please join us for this joint webinar hosted by the US Water Alliance, National Association of Clean Water Agencies, and Water Environment Federation.  


  • Rob Greenwood, Principal, Ross Strategic
  • Dave St. Pierre, Executive Director, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
  • Bill Stanley, Director of State Conservation, The Nature Conservancy
  • Roger Wolf, Director of Environmental Programs & Services, Iowa Soybean Association

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Non-Potable Onsite Water Systems Workshop
Wednesday, November 8, 2017, 9am-4pm
TreePeople, 12601 Mulholland Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Water utilities are seeing an increasing number of requests for  installations of onsite reuse systems in their communities. Onsite reuse can effectively augment water supplies, reduce sewer overflows, and help achieve community resiliency and sustainability goals. Yet concerns persist over the role water utilities can take in these initiatives, considerations for social equality issues, as well as how best to permit and operate these systems.

In Fall 2017, this workshop will engage attendees on the current state and future of onsite reuse. The workshop will include presentations on the current state and future direction of onsite reuse, highlighting findings from the National Blue Ribbon Commission and others. Topics include: water quality guidelines, regulations, permitting, treatment system and design, economics, operation of onsite systems, and opportunities for centralized water/wastewater utilities.
Partners: Water Research Foundation, US Water Alliance, California Water Environment Association (CWEA), National Water Research Institute (NWRI)

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