Road to Summit: One Water Delegations in Action Pt. 1
July 24, 2019 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
Via Webinar

As we look towards One Water Summit in September, our One Water Webinars in July and August will each feature three One Water Delegations and how they serve to advance integrated and inclusive water management in delegates’ communities and work.

One Water Delegations are the hallmark of the Summit, but delegation engagement lasts far beyond the closing plenary. Delegations are comprised of diverse stakeholders who share common geography, subject matter interest, field of practice, and/or policy goals, who jointly attend One Water Summit – and who continue to leverage their experience after they return home.  

Delegations maximize peer-exchange facilitation, knowledge building, and networking to develop Commitments to Action. These commitments are solidified at the Summit but reflect delegates’ prior experience. Months in the making, these commitments help guide delegations as they work to embed and institutionalize innovative practices and policies in regions across the country.

Join us this month for the first part of this webinar discussion to learn how One Water leaders are collaborating and developing new strategies to tackle challenges specific to their region or area of work.


  • Scott Berry, Director of Policy and Government Affairs, US Water Alliance


  • Maria Brodine, Water Program Specialist, Groundwork USA (Urban Waters Delegation)
  • Charlie Flatten, Water Policy Program Manager, Hill Country Alliance (Texas Hill Country Delegation)
  • Abu Moulta-Ali, Urban Waters - Partnership Programs Branch, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds (Urban Waters Delegation)
  • Jen Schmitz, Principal Planner – Water Resources, Triangle J Council of Governments (Research Triangle Delegation)

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One Water Summit 2019
September 18-20, 2019
Austin, TX
Join hundreds of top water leaders in Austin for One Water Summit 2019. It is the premier national conference focused on sustainable, integrated, and inclusive approaches to managing water, our most precious natural resource.

From inspiring plenary sessions, skills-building institutes, interactive workshops, mobile tours, and unparalleled networking opportunities, One Water Summit 2019 is not to be missed.

Learn more and register here.

Imagine a Day Without Water
October 23, 2019
Across the Country
Imagine: No water to drink, or even to make coffee with. No water to shower, flush the toilet, or do laundry. Hospitals would close without water. Firefighters couldn't put out fires and farmers couldn't water their crops.
Some communities in America already know how impossible it is to try to go a day without our most precious resource: Water. But many Americans take water for granted every day. Imagine a Day Without Water 2019 is the fifth annual day to raise awareness and educate America about the value of water.
Last year, over 1,000 organizations came together. Will you join us in 2019?
Learn more and sign up here.
One Water Leadership Institute: Strategic Communications
November 7-8, 2019
San Jose, CA
Available only to Alliance members, One Water Leadership Institutes provide in-depth programming on skills and knowledge necessary to implement One Water. They focus on the essential capacities that One Water leaders need, as opposed to technical topics.