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The U.S. Water Alliance, a 501(c)(3), was established in 2008 to break down the “silos” and provide sector-wide leadership for building a national platform for holistic water policy. The Alliance is committed to uniting people and policy for water sustainability in a changing climate. That means convening, inspiring, and educating to change the way America views, values, and manages water–from quantity to quality, above and below ground. The Alliance emphasizes the importance and value of each aspect of the water cycle and promotes more integrated, sustainable management of water and watersheds (a concept we call “one water” management). The Alliance focuses on changing old paradigms, such as shifting the perception of water from invisible to invaluable, and integrating more green […]

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Membership in the US Water Alliance is a unique opportunity to enhance your organizational effectiveness, access an expansive network of innovative leaders and knowledge, and play an important stewardship role in how this nation views, values, and manages water—now and for future generations. Being a member in the US Water Alliance means you are investing in a brighter, one water future for all. US Water Alliance members are some of the leading water managers, business leaders, policy professionals, thought leaders, and environmental and community leaders. By joining the US Water Alliance, your organization joins the ranks of an impressive network of the nation’s most committed water leaders.   Membership in the US Water Alliance offers several concrete benefits to your […]

U.S. Water Prize


The United States Water Prize is a celebration of sustainable solutions that advance holistic, watershed-based approaches to water quality and quantity challenges. The United States Water Prize honors individuals, institutions, and organizations that have made an outstanding achievement in the advancement of sustainable solutions to our nation’s water challenges. Created, sponsored and administered by the U.S. Water Alliance, the United States Water Prize is the first of its kind to recognize successful efforts in protecting and improving the health of watersheds in this country. Founded in 2008, the U.S. Water Alliance is the only organization with the charter and mission of bringing together a diverse array of interests to create integrated, holistic water policies for America. The Alliance is dedicated […]

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