By Katie Henderson, Senior Program Manager, US Water Alliance

October 21, 2020

Whether this is the first time you’ve participated in Imagine a Day Without Water or your sixth, this is a year like no other! It’s not just that this years Imagine a Day is totally digital—this year has also urgently reminded us how critical safe and reliable water is to protecting public health.
With so much going on that demands our attention, taking a whole day to think about water or take action to advocate for water can seem daunting. But the Value of Water Campaign is here to help: follow this plan for an inspiring day of action!
As you start your day, consider what it would mean if you didn’t have access to water to brush your teeth or take a shower. Consider that too many Americans don’t need to imagine—two million Americans have lived without access without water.
While you sit down for breakfast or your morning coffee, watch the premiere performance from US Water Alliance Artist-in-Residence Benny Starr who will showcase the music from A Water Album.
Before long, it will be time for lunch. How much water did it take to produce today’s lunch? A single slice of bread requires eleven gallons!
While you eat, tune into the first ever National Forum to Imagine a Day Without Water. The event starts at 12:00 pm ET at Featuring thought leaders and policymakers from across the country, the forum will highlight the challenges and opportunities facing the country as we try to ensure a sustainable, equitable water future.
Throughout the day as you scroll through your social media feeds, make sure to like and share content from Imagine a Day participants. Follow the hashtag #ValueWater to see the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn!
To wrap up the day, head over to Netflix to watch the documentary Brave Blue World, which debuts on Imagine a Day Without Water! The Water Environment Federation was a production partner for this film, which highlights the ways we are adopting new technologies and innovations for a sustainable water future. As you watch, share your thoughts on Twitter using #BraveBlue and #ValueWater.
All day long, try to notice the ways we rely on water for so much. Despite the importance of our water systems, they are in need of rehabilitation and investment. Decide today to #ValueWater and encourage your policymakers and elected officials to pursue policy solutions that will make sure no one ever has to imagine a day without water.