By Radhika Fox, CEO, US Water Alliance

October 19, 2016

500 Organizations To Participate In ‘Imagine a Day Without Water’

Nationwide effort draws water utilities, restaurants, schools, and more to raise awareness about water challenges across the country

Tomorrow, 500 organizations across the country, and thousands of individuals, will participate in Imagine a Day Without Water. The Value of Water Coalition is convening the advocacy day to help raise awareness about the severe challenges facing water systems from coast to coast. Water is essential to our daily lives and the nation’s economy, but most Americans take for granted that if they turn on the tap, water will come out. Communities that have faced severe water challenges, from toxic algae blooms to tainted water supplies, know that we can no longer take that water service for granted.

Economic sectors including agriculture, hospitality, food and beverage service, manufacturing, and more all rely on water. Hospitals and firefighters need water to do their jobs too. An interruption in water service is an economic, public health, and public safety issue. But in many communities, water systems are more than a century old. The pipes, sewers, and treatment plants are often out of sight and out of mind. That is why the Value of Water Coalition is hosting Imagine a Day Without Water – to give everyone who cares about water a chance to speak with one voice, on one day, about the need to invest in these critical systems.

“I am thrilled with the breadth of groups who are joining the Imagine a Day Without Water effort. While the water challenges we face are vast – aging infrastructure, water quality issues, drought, and more – our capacity for innovation is greater. We have the solutions we need to solve our water problems, but it isn’t going to be easy or free. We need public officials, the private sector, and communities to stand up and prioritize investment in water systems. Because no community should ever have to go a day without water,” said Radhika Fox, Director of the Value of Water Coalition and CEO of the US Water Alliance.

Across the country on September 15, organizations will host a variety of events to shine a spotlight on water in their communities. Water utilities are opening their doors and inviting the public in for tours of their facilities. Some organizations are hosting beer tasting events to showcase recycled water. Schools are teaching water-focused curriculum. There will be rain barrel giveaways and partnerships with local businesses, like coffee shops, that rely on water.