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Ruthie Redmond

Senior Program Manager, Strategic Initiatives

Ruthie is Senior Program Manager, Strategic Initiatives at the US Water Alliance, a national nonprofit organization advancing policies and programs that build a sustainable water future for all. As part of the One Water Hub, Ruthie will lead work that seeds and supplements various programs and helps innovative policies develop and spread. A proud generalist, a Xennial, and a native Austinite, Ruthie has 12 years of environmental and water policy experience in Texas, Arizona, and California. Her passion for water stewardship stems from both learned and lived experience, as her family is from a rural central Texas town that has struggled to provide residents with clean drinking water for decades. In her desire to save the world, Ruthie focuses on water policy and practice that integrates the “three E’s” of sustainable development: economy, environment, and (social) equity. Her integrated perspective is informed by the range of regulatory, nonprofit, municipal, and consulting roles she’s held. Ruthie has a BS in Geography—Resource and Environmental Studies and a minor in Economics from Texas State University. Some aspects of life that she appreciates are fractals, wind, herbalism, her mom, samba, seaweed, and spiritual development.