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Ghassan Korban

Executive Director, Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans

Ghassan Korban is the Executive Director of the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans (SWBNO). Prior to becoming the Executive Director of SWBNO in September of 2018, Ghassan Korban served the Department of Public Works in the City of Milwaukee for 31 years. During his last eight years, Ghassan served as the Commissioner of Public Works. As the Commissioner, he was responsible for four divisions: Milwaukee Water Works, Operations, Parking, and Infrastructure, which included transportation, sanitary, and storm water management. In his current role as Executive Director, he oversees the provision of clean drinking water, treatment of wastewater, and drainage operations for the city of New Orleans. His primary mission is to overhaul the agency’s antiquated equipment and infrastructure, creating a modern utility capable of meeting the needs of its customers. Some of Mr. Korban’s key accomplishments include the planning, design, and construction of the first modern streetcar system in the city of Milwaukee, and coordination of the construction of the entire infrastructure needed to support the new Milwaukee Bucks’ basketball arena. Mr. Korban received a BSc in civil engineering and an MSc in construction management from Marquette University.