By Megan Demit, US Water Alliance

August 28, 2017

Imagine a Day Without Water 2017 is the third annual day to raise awareness and educate the nation about the value of water. We’re challenging water and wastewater providers, public officials, business leaders, environmental and community-based organizations, and others to participate in this national day of action on October 12.

With hundreds of organizations participating across the country, a big part of participating in Imagine a Day Without Water is through social media. It’s no doubt that social media has revolutionized communication—news stories and campaigns reach exponentially more people through social media outlets than they do offline.

The internet is also becoming an increasingly more dynamic space. More and more people are using social media to talk about what’s happening in their home communities, across the nation, and the world—and to raise awareness about important issues. But in the mass of social media communications, our messages can become lost in the shuffle.

So how we can use social media to better raise awareness about the value of water in America? Here are some examples of how to creatively promote Imagine a Day Without Water and deepen your engagement with your networks.

  • Start an online pledge or petition—Call people to action by prompting them to take a pledge or sign a petition. Educate and inspire the public about specific water challenges in your community, or broader water issues facing the nation. For example, Change the Course’s conservation pledge makes water conservation accessible to everyone by providing small ideas to make a big difference.
  • Create an online poll—Share a poll through Twitter, Facebook, etc. to gauge people’s knowledge of and interest in water issues. Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District has posted polls on Twitter to understand how to better communicate their work to their customers and followers.
  • Go live—Use Facebook Live or Periscope on Twitter to stream events to your followers as they’re taking place. From live streaming a cool event in your area to interviewing members of your community, keep your social media followers in the know by spotlighting opportunities to engage with Imagine a Day Without Water in their neighborhood.
  • Create a video—Share an existing video or make your own about the value of water. Lone Star Water in Houston, Texas created a commercial showing viewers that saving water and saving money go hand in hand. The Greer Commission of Public Works in South Carolina tweeted a video featuring Greer firefighters talking about how they use water in their jobs.
  • Start a photo campaign—People are more likely to share a photo or video than any other post on social media. A selfie or photo campaign is a fun way to spread the message of Imagine a Day Without Water while having people demonstrate their personal connection to water. Ask people to post a photo that shows why they value water to get the conversation started.
  • Design a Snapchat filter—Spread the message of Imagine a Day Without Water by reaching a wider audience in your area. Create a fun Snapchat filter that people in your area can use when they post videos and photos, like DC Water’s filter featuring mascot Wendy the Waterdrop.