Welcome to the Value of Water Campaign’s Toolkit for Recruiting a Diverse Water Workforce!

This collection of resources is here to support organizations in the water sector recruit new employees into the workforce, particularly those from underrepresented groups such as women, younger employees, and Communities of Color.

Prior to the creation of this toolkit, leaders from the water sector invested in research and message testing to make sure we were using evidence-backed language and methods to reach potential new employees who might not see themselves reflected in the water sector—yet.

We’ve translated the key findings from this research into the communications toolkit featured here.

Within this toolkit, you’ll find many kinds of communications templates to help reach potential employees—some examples of which are shown in the scroller below. From customizable social media ads to videos to brochures and bus shelter advertising, there are dozens of options for content in English and Spanish that your organization can download and use free of charge. We just require you to fill out a form at the bottom of this page with a few basic pieces of information so we know who is accessing the toolkit, and we may follow up with you to see if you have any suggestions for us to make further improvements.

Toolkit Downloads

Below are the Workforce Diversity Toolkit components, compressed as zip drives and accessible through Box. Once you click on the links on this page to download the templates, click the “Download” button in the upper right corner of the new window that pops up. We suggest downloading the full zip drives to maximize toolkit capabilities.

In addition to these pieces, you will find a Toolkit Usage Guide, Public Opinion and Messaging Research Findings, Three Tips on Recognizing and Removing Bias from the Hiring Process, and fonts available for download below.

  1. Toolkit Usage Guide
  2. Public Opinion and Messaging Research Findings
  3. Three Tips on Recognizing and Removing Bias from the Hiring Process
  4. Toolkit Fonts

Bill Insert templates »

Person at Treatment Plant bill insert with labels

Brochure templates »

Tri-fold brochure template with people and labels for you to download and fill out

Bus Shelter Ads templates »

Bus shelter ad with inclusive workforce building messaging draft

Hiring Flyer templates »

Hiring flyer example with diverse group of people to promote recruiting a diverse water workforce

Social Media templates »

Person Recording Water Data at body of water social media post promoting recruiting a diverse water workforce

Video template files »

Person Smiling in Protective Gear construction site sunshine