March 2022

Uniting the US water sector around the Race to Zero Vision by striving to reduce the water sector’s greenhouse gas emissions and initiating strategic movement building around climate action.

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A Net Zero Plus Vision

In 2022, the US Water Alliance released Water’s Net Zero Plus: A Call to Action for Climate Mitigation, detailing the US water sector’s vision for 2050 as well as seven elements of cultural transformation needed for an equitable and decarbonized water future.

ALIGNED climate acronym net zero plus report

As part of the Alliance’s Imagination Challenge, this vision was created by an Imagination Team comprised of over 35 water sector leaders. The Alliance partnered with Black & Veatch; Empowering a Green Environment and Economy, LLC; PolicyLink; Stantec; and Xylem to design and facilitate the challenge. For more on the Imagination Team, click here.

Net Zero Plus 2050 Photo Gallery

Our future in imagining the world we want to live in and leading with our hearts to get there begins now. What is motivating your engagement with the climate crisis? In 2050, what does your world look like? What do you want to see, know, and feel—now and in 2050? Hear thoughts from Imagination Team members below: