The US Water Alliance believes water can strengthen economies, revitalize communities, and nurture healthy environments for a sustainable future for all. Unfortunately, water is finite, and its sources are at risk of failing because of a changing climate, systemic racism, and inadequate infrastructure. But a renewed commitment and revised approach to water management can protect public health, prepare communities for a changing climate, advance equity, create jobs, and fuel economic recovery.
Across the country, there are inspiring examples of sustainable, integrated, and inclusive water resource management.
As a part of the Recovering Stronger initiative, the Alliance created a Recovering Stronger Knowledge Map to plot and share the programs and policies highlighted by water leaders across the country. The tool can help educate the community about established or emerging policies and programs and connect with water leaders. The map is accessible via mobile and desktop browsers, and works best when viewed in full-screen. For more optimal viewing, view the full-sized map here.

To read the photo credits for the Creative Commons and partner-provided images featured in the knowledge map, please click here.