The report is organized in the following manner:

The State of America’s Water Infrastructure. An overview of the systems that provide water services to Americans, evolving cost drivers, and trends in federal, state, and local investment.

The Power of Investment. An analysis of the existing water investment gap and projected impacts in two scenarios: (1) continued federal funding at levels of appropriation established under IIJA (the Continue to Invest scenario), and (2) reversion to the minimal level of federal water infrastructure funding that was the norm prior to IIJA (the Fail to Act scenario).

The Economic Benefits of Investing in Water. The economic gains for industries and households that could be realized over the next generation if we closed the water infrastructure investment gap including job creation, economic growth, and other economic indicators.

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This is the third report from the Value of Water Campaign as part of the American Society of Civil Engineers’ “Bridging the Gap” series, which began in 2011.