Meet Mami Hara, Incoming CEO of the US Water Alliance

US Water Alliance | July 28, 2021

Mami Hara currently serves as general manager and CEO of Seattle Public Utilities. The US Water Alliance announced on July 29 that she has been named the next CEO and will start on October 15, 2021. | More >

Washington DC Update—July 2021

Scott Berry, Director of Policy and Government Affairs, US Water Alliance | July 27, 2021

Infrastructure remains front and center in the national dialogue as the group of senators working on the bipartisan infrastructure framework have spent much of this month on negotiations. The bipartisan group reached an agreement on $550 billion in new spending, and the Senate voted to begin the multi-step process of debating the bill. Senate voted 67-32, with 17 Republicans joining all 50 Democrats voting in favor of moving forward. Final text of the bill has not yet been released, but $55 billion of the bill’s spending will be directed to water infrastructure. While this signals a historic investment in water, it is less than half of what is called for in President Biden’s American Jobs Plan.  | More >

How Hacking can help Solve Wastewater Sanitation Issues

Morgan Brown | July 12, 2021

In the US, there has been recent media attention surrounding lack of access to safe drinking water in vulnerable communities. A water issue that has not received as much attention is inadequate wastewater treatment. | More >

Recovering Stronger: State Innovations—South Region: Empowering Communities

Joya Banerjee and Sarah Huckins | July 6, 2021

The South is a region with considerable leadership in addressing the compounding challenges of climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic. Southern communities are facing multiple climate disasters—from drought and extreme cold weather to algal blooms along the coast—resulting in communities without access to drinking water and exacerbating challenges for those that lack access to wastewater infrastructure. Participants in the South Listening Session lifted up the need to invest in the South to address these challenges, and the need to amplify frontline community voices in shaping solutions, policies, and practices.  | More >

Recovering Stronger: State Innovations—Northeast Region: Centering Relationships

Joya Banerjee and Sarah Huckins | July 1, 2021

In the Northeast, challenges in the region are shaping priorities for recovery efforts. Across the region, increasing climate impacts are demonstrating the importance of protecting water resources. Drought, not something typically experienced in the region, is now becoming a lived reality and driving attention to water quantity challenges. The region is also vulnerable to climate disruptions such as sea level rise and warming oceans. | More >

Recovering Stronger: State Innovations—Mid-Atlantic Region: Harnessing Creativity

Joya Banerjee and Sarah Huckins | July 1, 2021

The Mid-Atlantic is defined by water—bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and home to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Increasingly, the region is being shaped by severe weather events causing damage from too much water. From 2000-2020, the Mid-Atlantic had twice as many hurricanes as the preceding two decades. Climate change is making these weather events more intense and frequent and is compounding the challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these challenges, participants of the Mid-Atlantic Recovering Stronger Listening Session shared optimism that this time of transition provides an opportunity to embrace bold new approaches. | More >

Washington DC Update—June 2021

Scott Berry, Director of Policy and Government Affairs, US Water Alliance | June 25, 2021

Infrastructure remains a top priority for the White House and Congress, and President Biden and Senate leaders are moving closer to introducing a bipartisan package. While President Biden ended negotiations led by Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) earlier this month, the President held a successful meeting with a bipartisan group of senators about a $953 billion infrastructure package. Following the meeting, Biden announced his support for the proposal, and emphasized that it should be accompanied by a larger package. | More >

Why Regionalization Should be Prioritized and Incentivized by Policymakers

Laura Landes and Sarah Buck—Rural Community Assistance Partnership | June 22, 2021

Navigating the challenges of our time requires a shift from competition to collaboration, and policymaking at all levels must support that. This has never been more true for the small, rural, and tribal communities across the country we work with at the Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP).  | More >

Insights from a Water Equity Taskforce Member

Andy Kricun | June 19, 2021

The Alliance is pleased to announce the release of our report, “Water Equity Taskforce: Insights for the Water Sector,” a report that highlights the achievements of the Water Equity Taskforce and the lessons learned throughout the project. The goals of the Taskforce were to promote water equity, the notion that everyone is entitled to safe drinking water and clean waterways no matter where they live or who they are, test and implement more inclusive and just strategies, and institutionalize equitable water management practices in the water utilities involved in the project.  | More >

Reflections on Juneteenth

Benny Starr, US Water Alliance Artist-in-Residence | June 11, 2021

As we approach Juneteenth this coming Saturday, June 19, 2021, I’m reflecting on the impact the holiday has had on me, how I’ve celebrated it through my work, and how our journey towards liberation continues. | More >