Five Ways to Participate

1. Engage on social media. Encourage your network to learn something new about water by posing the question, Where does your drinking water come from? Share a video or images, live stream or start a contest, and encourage your network to take the #OneWaterPledge.

2. Host an event for your community, in person or online. Create an experience and foster knowledge of this vital, invisible water infrastructure by hosting a facility open house, project site tour, or another event. Many of these events can also be done virtually via Zoom or other online platforms!

  • Host a family-friendly event celebrating the value of water featuring local organizations and water service providers.
  • Host an open house inviting community members to learn about protecting the local environment and water projects currently underway.
  • Host a tour of your facility to give insights into your city’s water treatment process.

3. Get water in the news. Communicate the message that valuing water and the systems that deliver it is an environmental, economic, and public health imperative. Pitch your own news story or use our op-ed template (coming soon).

  • Partner with brands or influencers to join in to talk about the importance of water resources.
  • Contribute a guest column on the importance of investment in local infrastructure.
  • Feature your organization on local news calling on residents to imagine a day without water.
  • Align a publication release with the national day of action.

4. Partner with a local mayor or public official. Water infrastructure investment enjoys broad bipartisan support. Share the Value of Water Campaign’s public opinion polling data with your local officials and encourage them to demonstrate their support for Imagine a Day Without Water and for water policies that support a sustainable water future.

  • Work with your mayor or governor to issue a proclamation supporting Imagine a Day Without Water.
  • Collaborate with a town council or utility board of commissioners to pass a resolution supporting Imagine a Day Without Water.
  • Work with elected officials to introduce legislation on a local water issue.

5. Bring Imagine a Day Without Water into the classroom. A sustainable water future will depend on the success of our next generation of water leaders. Develop contests or curricula that engages students on the value of water and encourages them to share what a day without water would mean to them.

And no matter how you choose to participate, be sure to take photographs and videos to show how you celebrate the day and share it out on social media and tag @USWaterAlliance!