Key Poll Takeaways

In our ninth annual national poll of over 1,000 American voters, we sought insights on Americans’ perceptions around the need for continued federal investment in our nation’s water infrastructure, where that investment should be focused, and outlooks on water safety and affordability.

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The Importance of Water Reliability; Water Infrastructure Concerns

Ensuring reliable water services continues to be the top issue for voters, and concern about water infrastructure is on the rise

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Support for More Infrastructure Funding

There is strong bipartisan support for more federal water funding to help improve the nation’s water infrastructure

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Candidates Should Prioritize Water Investments

A majority of voters support elected officials who advocate for investment in water

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Ensuring Water Services Are Affordable for All

Water affordability is a rising concern among voters, yielding growing support for a permanent federal water bill assistance program

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Rate Increases to Support Local Water Systems

A majority of voters would pay modest rate increases to support local utility projects that improve water accessibility and community health

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