March 16, 2015

The Value of Water Coalition (VWC) recently announced that it has added 12 new leading public- and private-sector organizations to its coalition, as well as appointed a new director and launched a new website.

The founding members are joined by private sector companies Dow Chemical Company and Black & Veatch. Additionally, new public utility partners include: Alexandria Renew Enterprises, Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority, DC Water, Hampton Roads Sanitation District, Kansas City Water Services, Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, Philadelphia Water Department, and San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

The VWC draws attention to the nation’s aging and underfunded water infrastructure and educates on the fundamental importance of water to the economic, environmental and community well-being of America. Further, the coalition is growing and redoubling its efforts in 2015 as water-related issues are a rising concern for the nation.

The founding members of the VWC are: American Water, American Water Works Association, Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies, CH2M HILL, MWH Global, National Association of Clean Water Agencies, National Association of Water Companies, United Water, U.S. Water Alliance, Veolia, Water Environment Federation, and Xylem.

“In a few days, we will celebrate the United Nation’s World Water Day, which is a great reminder of how exceptional American water and wastewater service is,” said Radhika Fox, VWC’s new director. “The public and private utilities that ensure clean, safe, reliable water to and from homes and businesses across the country are nothing short of remarkable.

“But utilities, as well as the systems and infrastructure they manage, are taken for granted,” she continued. “While water is priceless, we undervalue it in the United States. The strength of our coalition is that we have leading voices from the public, private and nonprofit sectors shining a bright light on urgent, but often unseen, water issues and inspiring positive action that will strengthen this nation.”