By Emily Simonson, Program Manager, US Water Alliance

October 30, 2018

It is hard to imagine modern life without water infrastructure. Think about our neighborhoods, or what it takes to grow our food, or technology we all depend on. Reliable water infrastructure makes it all possible. Yet, policy makers fail to invest in water and wastewater service, leaving them vulnerable to unprecedented challenges. This inaction threatens the country’s ability to thrive in the future. Too often, critical water infrastructure is out of sight and out of mind, taken for granted until something breaks and service is disrupted.

The Value of Water Campaign designed Imagine a Day Without Water as a way for people to reflect on the essential role infrastructure plays in our lives. This national day of action shines a light on the people, pipes, and pumps that bring water to and from our homes and businesses and aims to build public and political will to support investments in water. Investments in water protect public health and the environment – what could be more important than that?

The first year Imagine a Day Without Water was held, the Value of Water Campaign’s goal was for 50 organizations to sign up to participate. We were blown away by how well the day was received, then and now.  In 2018, Imagine a Day Without Water’s fourth year, over 1,100 organizations signed up.

For the Value of Water Campaign staff and supporters, breaking one thousand organizations for the first time is a huge milestone. With so many supporters spreading the word, the message about the need to #ValueWater reach millions of Americans.

The conversation online reached 6.5 million Twitter users and generated over 21.5 million impressions, and the campaign’s 16 radio interviews reached 1.6 million people. But, we are thrilled by how the campaign’s message is inspiring communities in a deeper way to talk to elected officials and to one another about water.

Here are some of our favorite examples:

There’s not usually much in common between governors, beauty queens, baristas, fourth graders, and bartenders, but Imagine a Day Without Water brings everyone together. No matter what walk of life we come from, water is essential, and all of us can do more to ensure no one has to imagine or live a day without water service again.