Water Equity Clearinghouse

Prince George’s County Department of the Environment

Prince George’s County, MD

The Department of the Environment is a government agency in Prince George’s County, Maryland that provides clean water, flood control, stormwater management, recycling and waste management, litter prevention, and animal services. The department established an extensive Clean Water Program in accordance with new regulations on stormwater runoff management stipulated by the Clean Water Act.

Efforts to Advance Water Equity

The department’s Clean Water Program provides for the setting, collection, and deposit of a Clean Water Act Fee into a local fund. This fund, the Local Watershed Protection and Restoration Fund, will be used for capital improvements for stormwater management, including stream and wetland restoration projects; operation and maintenance of stormwater management facilities and systems; public education and outreach relating to stormwater management or stream and wetland restoration; stormwater management planning and permit applications for new development; and grants to nonprofit organizations for watershed restoration and rehabilitation projects.

The Department of the Environment is also a key partner in the Clean Water Partnership (CWP) with Corvias Solutions. The partnership serves as a model that redefines how a local government can meet federal clean water quality compliance and provide the greatest return to the community. The Prince George’s County leadership created the Clean Water Partnership to transform a regulatory mandate from a liability into an opportunity that achieves compliance while creating sustainable economic and community impact.