Water Equity Clearinghouse

Miami-Dade County, Office of Resilience

Miami-Dade County, FL

The Miami-Dade County’s Office of Resilience is the guiding force of the city’s urban greening movement. The office works to collaborate with county agencies, business groups, nonprofit organizations, and local stakeholders to better integrate resilience into all areas of city programs and operations. The office leads the city in its participation in the 100 Resilient Cities Program and Green Miami, which seeks to conserve water, achieve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and plan for a sustainable future.

Efforts to Advance Water Equity

To advance goals in water equity, The office has developed and begun implementing GreenPrint: Our Design for a Sustainable Future. This is a plan for sustainability that sets a number of energy efficiency and emissions goals for the future. The process was highly collaborative, engaging a wide range of Miami-Dade residents, businesses, community groups, county staff, climate experts, and academics through nearly 100 separate meetings throughout the year.

The plan has a dedicated focus on conserving water while simultaneously maintaining the quality of that water for drinking and recreation through addressing salt water intrusion, better waste management strategies, and diverting solid waste from landfills. GreenPrint also sets priorities for the creation of green jobs to lead to an ultimately more sustainable economy. The office plans to have created 20,000 more green jobs by 2020 to not only revitalize Miami-Dade neighborhoods and make the county as a whole more resilient, but to ensure residents a steady supply of stable, family supporting jobs with benefits.