Water Equity Clearinghouse

Idea Village

New Orleans, LA

The Idea Village is a nonprofit organization that is committed to growing entrepreneurship, innovation, and out-of-the-box thinking in New Orleans. As a result of Idea Village’s work, New Orleans is now a globally recognized city for its status as a startup hub. By providing direct services to entrepreneurs, engaging the community, and supporting impactful initiatives, Idea Village is transforming New Orleans’ economy and communities.

Efforts to Advance Water Equity

The Water Challenge, an annual effort that the Idea Village helps fund, seeks to turn one of the most pressing environmental and social challenges in the region into an economic opportunity. While flooding, land subsidence, deteriorated wetlands, and contaminated groundwater are all problems that New Orleans faces, Idea Village believes that fostering entrepreneurship can develop scalable solutions to these problems. Furthermore, reframing the issues as possible industry ventures can attract technology companies, water managers, and a global community struggling with the same issues. These entrepreneurial ventures also serve to create jobs and generate economic development in the region.