Water Equity Clearinghouse

Green Infrastructure Leadership Exchange


The Exchange is a high functioning, highly connected peer-to-peer learning network of cities that seeks to accelerate research, innovation, and implementation around green stormwater infrastructure. The Exchange provides a place for decision-makers on the front lines of infrastructure implementation, primarily green stormwater infrastructure program managers from municipalities and utilities, to circulate ideas and assess information more quickly and efficiently, refine their decisions, and direct their investments toward informed solutions and on-the-ground results

Efforts to Advance Water Equity

A foundational purpose of the Exchange is to build communities’ capacity for the implementation and management of green stormwater infrastructure in order to accrue the benefits of enhanced sustainable water management, climate resilience, public health, community cohesion, reduced rate burdens, workforce development and local economic opportunities.

The multiple, cross-cutting benefits from GSI make it a smart investment for communities with limited budgets. GSI helps mitigate costs for cities in several dimensions -- including rates, flood risk management, heat risk reduction, air quality, health and crime -- which assists towards affordability of public costs and the alleviation of financial burdens on disadvantaged populations. 

The implementation of large-scale grey infrastructure often generates very little local economic opportunity, as only a very small, specialized workforce is required. The design, construction, maintenance and monitoring of green infrastructure generate significant and on-going local workforce opportunities, and well-constructed GSI workforce development programs can create ladders of opportunity and workforce capacity. Additionally, community education, planning and stewardship of GSI provide the opportunity to enhance community cohesion and community networks. 

A study by Kondo, et al demonstrates reduction in drug possession near GSI installations -- a clear benefit to neighborhoods, including underserved communities.