Water Equity Clearinghouse

Green for All

Oakland, CA

Green for All is an organization working to build a green economy that works for everyone. In particular, they are working to build a broad movement that addresses both climate change and rising inequality. By tackling both carbon emissions and the effects of climate change in a way that includes and supports underserved communities, Green for All can meet the needs of the hardest-hit Americans.

Efforts to Advance Water Equity

Green for All has a number of strategies that they use to advocate for sensible and equitable water policies. Primarily, Green for All is a convener of ideas and leaders that will amplify and replicate innovative solutions in their own communities. To this end, Green for All has a number of reports and white papers for those interested in bringing sustainability to their block. These reports share information on green infrastructure, stormwater management, infrastructure, and community benefit strategies such as job creation. This is the message of the report entitled, “Water Works: Rebuilding Infrastructure, Creating Jobs, Greening the Environment”, written by Green For All in partnership with American Rivers, the Pacific Institute, and the Economic Policy Institute.

Green for All also runs a number of campaigns to protest actions that compromise vulnerable populations’ access to clean water supplies. A current campaign, Fix the Pipes, calls on citizens to raise the money necessary to replace the corroded infrastructure on which Flint residents now rely. For every $10,000 raised, the pipes in one home can be repaired and restored to safe conditions. Another campaign rejects the move by the federal government to clear away previous definitions of the term “Waters of the US” in order to de-regulate the Clean Water Rule. The move gives polluters free reign and jeopardizes low-income communities and communities of color that will suffer impacts to their drinking water and water bodies.

Green for All is also dedicated to the creation of stable, well paid jobs with benefits that are created by a green economy. So far, 10,000 jobs for low income people and people of color have been created. Green for All wants to bring these job creation opportunities to their other areas of work, such as the Fix the Pipes campaign, which could bring about a number of benefits, jobs, and contracts to local communities and their economies.