Water Equity Clearinghouse

Cleveland Neighborhood Progress

Cleveland, OH

Cleveland Neighborhood Progress (CNP) is a nonprofit organization that is on the forefront of neighborhood revitalization. By providing financial support, trainings, and capacity building, CNP empowers community development corporations to engage in placemaking actions, such as the creation of greenspace. CNP also works to ensure that economic opportunities from their projects are distributed within communities, so that residents can thrive where they live.

Efforts to Advance Water Equity

CNP’s work helps neighborhoods prepare for the impacts of climate change. In the Great Lakes region, people can expect an increased number of heat waves, increased flood risk, and storms of greater frequency and intensity. Social conditions in Cleveland exacerbate the situation, as sprawling development has led to both concentrated poverty and an increase in impervious surfaces. CNP’s Cleveland Climate Resilience and Urban Opportunity Plan helps residents anticipate effects of climate change in the Midwest and understand the spatial distribution of vulnerabilities in Cleveland. The vulnerability mapping helps identify areas most at risk for heat waves, heavy precipitation, or other extreme weather. The report will enable the city to target resources and programs to reduce risk.

CNP also has targeted neighborhood projects that prioritize stormwater management, home weatherization, social cohesion, and determining optimal use of vacant land. CNP focuses on four neighborhoods that are representative of conditions found in Cleveland and other Great Lakes area cities, so that projects have the potential to be scaled up.