Water Equity Clearinghouse

Clean Water for All Campaign


Clean water is a basic human right and should be accessible to all communities. People care deeply about clean water. Our rivers, bays, lakes, and streams are vital to a healthy environment and a vibrant economy, and provide endless opportunities for swimming, fishing, boating, and other recreation. Above all, we need clean, safe drinking water to live. 

Americans did not vote in 2016 to undermine basic protections for clean water. Public support for this issue remains high and people are more aware than they have been in years that safe, clean water is not a given, but very much under threat. We are engaging around this awareness and building on people's desire to join the fight to protect our water, the public’s health, and our nation’s outdoor recreation economy.

In the face of immediate threats to the nation’s waters, the Clean Water for All Campaign — comprised of environmental, conservation, equity, environmental justice, business, labor, public health and social justice organizations, will use targeted mobilization, coalition building, communications, on-the-ground field organizing, advocacy, education, and accountability tactics to defend our clean water. 

Efforts to Advance Water Equity

Underserved communities have historically been disproportionately impacted by poor water quality throughout the United States. These communities are exposed to unsafe drinking water and toxic pollution. The Clean Water for All Campaign unites advocacy organizations with diverse backgrounds – from sportsmen groups to environmental justice organizations – from all levels of interest (local, regional, and national) to protect and strengthen federal protections and funding for clean drinking water and healthy waterways in the United States. Our advocacy work and policy priorities around defending clean water safeguards, improving water infrastructure, and reducing nutrient pollution aims to ensure that all communities have access to clean water

Campaign Goals 

DEFEND — Protect federal safeguards that keep our water safe and clean as well as the ability of state and federal agencies to implement and enforce those safeguards. To do this, the campaign will develop and implement a strategy to challenge the Trump Administration’s proposed budget and defend federal regulations currently in place to ensure the protection of drinking water and waterways. 

IMPROVE INFRASTRUCTURE — Improve drinking water and wastewater infrastructure through increased overall investments as well as investments in green, nature-based solutions and ensure that all spending is equitable and channeled to the communities that need it the most.  This will create good-quality jobs and ensure underserved communities have access to clean, safe water while not waiving other safeguards in the process.

REDUCE NUTRIENT POLLUTION — Raise awareness of the harmful impacts of agricultural and nutrient runoff to our waterways, defend existing Farm Bill nutrient pollution reduction funding and programs, and advocate for preserving and strengthening nutrient reduction programs in the 2018 Farm Bill.