June 8, 2023

Our work at the Alliance is grounded in a One Water approach—a mindset that all water has value and should be managed in an integrated, inclusive, equitable, and sustainable manner. For years, the Alliance and our members have been working across the sector to advance One Water strategies, and the results of that work manifest in a myriad of powerful ways.
Today, I’m pleased to share the results of our inaugural State of the One Water Field Survey—the foundational assessment of what’s working in the One Water movement, barriers to success, and what’s needed to make One Water the mainstream approach for water management in the United States. The results can be viewed on our website here.
We encourage you to share these results with your network using our social media toolkit, which includes the topline messaging from the survey findings as well as a selection of graphics for your use.
We’re incredibly grateful for the support of our One Water Council and our partners at Carollo and MIG, Inc. This is just the beginning: we look forward to using these results as a baseline from which to track the growth of the One Water movement and to leverage opportunities to further One Water principles and solutions.
Yours in One Water,
Mami Hara
CEO, US Water Alliance