March 7, 2023

In 2019, we found that over two million Americans lack access to running water and indoor plumbing. Additionally, a significant number of small and rural communities nationwide are precariously on the verge of losing access to safe, reliable water. Our latest report, Advancing Water Equity in Small and Rural Communities: The Role of Digital Solutions, highlights the importance of leveraging digital solutions and water management strategies to advance water equity and ensure safe, reliable water services for communities of all sizes.
Funding and operating a water system safely and sustainably over time is a challenge for many small and rural communities, which are often overlooked in a market focused on bringing advancements to larger systems. Aging infrastructure, increasing threats to water quality and quantity, and climate impacts exacerbate the challenges small and rural utilities face in providing safe, reliable service. This report explores four foundational solutions and priorities for action to make these solutions accessible and tailored for systems that most often struggle with the resources and capacity to adopt them.
Advancing an equitable water future for all requires renewed focus on the needs of those living in small and rural communities. When it comes to bringing the benefits of core technologies and digital solutions to these communities, funders, states, technologists, assistance providers, and others will need to play a role. This report identifies vital units of focus, and we hope it inspires action to safeguard water access for all.
Yours in One Water,
Mami Hara