Water Equity Taskforce

Building a more equitable water future is a collaborative effort, and we all have a role to play in making on-the-ground progress. The Water Equity Taskforce was the first-ever cross-sector, multi-city endeavor to intentionally make water management outcomes and processes equitable. 

The project aimed to increase understanding of the challenges, opportunities, and promising interventions to promote equitable water management in each participating site and at the national level. It did so through a peer-exchange platform to support collaboration, capacity building, and knowledge exchange on water equity between different regions and cities. The Taskforce accelerated the development and adoption of equitable water policies, and practices by utilities, community-based organizations and other stakeholders.
The Taskforce was comprised by cross-sector Learning Teams from Atlanta, Buffalo, Camden, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Louisville, and Pittsburgh. Each city was anchored by a US Water Alliance member utility, and included leadership from community-based organizations and others committed to water issues (e.g., environmental groups, foundations, other government agencies). Original Taskforce utilities and many partners are now part of the Water Equity Network

Meet the Learning Teams

Learning Teams in the seven Taskforce cities are made up of US Water Alliance member utilities, community leaders, environmental advocates, philanthropic organizations, and many others. Learn more about our teams.