By Danielle Mayorga, US Water Alliance

March 3, 2016

It’s a simple question: What’s the value of water? The Value of Water Coalition members collaborated to create this toolkit for the water sector to use and engage the public with that very question.

With the toolkit, we’re asking the American public to stop and think for a moment about the true value of water. Not just that water in your glass, or the water in your shower. What about the water firefighters use to save families and homes? Or the water that cleans our clothes and keeps us healthy? The truth is, water touches every part of our life.

The “What’s the Value of Water?” toolkit was designed to show people how much we depend on water for everything we do. In developing these materials, we sought to provide water organizations and professionals with ready-made tools to spread our core message: water is essential, reliable, and invaluable. In the toolkit, you’ll find different creative executions sized to work as vertical full-page ads, half-page horizontal ads, vertical conference banners, bill stuffers, outdoor ads, and more. We also included a messaging deck to help organizations think through how they communicate the message of the value of water.

The toolkit has been very well received since it was released this summer. More than 1,500 organizations have downloaded the toolkit in less than three months, and many of those organizations have signaled that they intend to include the materials in their marketing and communications plans. You too can easily access the materials by clicking this link. Our message about the value of water is stronger when we all speak in unison, so thank you for joining us.