By Megan Demit, US Water Alliance

October 24, 2017

Last week, over 750 organizations across the country participated in Imagine a Day Without Water in a number of creative ways—including art contests!

Several organizations hosted art and coloring contests to raise awareness about the value of water and wastewater infrastructure to everything that we do, engaging everyone from elementary school students to adults.  

With drawings that imagine what a day without water would look like, to pictures of what we would miss if we didn’t have water, to diagrams of inventions that would help conserve water—there wasn’t a shortage of clever and creative interpretations of the true value of water.

Scroll down to see winning entries from art contests around the country.


Kennedy, Arlington Water Utilities


Jose A., Soquel Creek Water District


Eila B., Illinois American Water


Deasia, Thornton Water


Allison S., Illinois American Water


Mayte, Thornton Water


Keren, Arlington Water Utilities


Marc M., Soquel Creek Water District


Jaden L., Illinois American Water


Stephanie B., City of Atlanta


illinois american water - brooke r.jpg

Brooke R., Illinois American Water


Deryl, Thornton Water


Sydney P., Illinois American Water


Kate F., Soquel Creek Water District


Cayden M., Illinois American Water


Madison S., Soquel Creek Water District


Josiah, Thornton Water


Joanna J., Illinois American Water


Carolyn F., Soquel Creek Water District


Landy, Thornton Water


Paloma H., Soquel Creek Water District


Sean T., Illinois American Water


Josue D., Soquel Creek Water District


Adam, Thornton Water