By Hawaii One Water Delegation

July 19, 2017

After a week of networking, collaborating, and learning at the 2017 One Water Summit the Hawaii Delegation is in a better position than ever to implement initiatives that increase water conservation, reuse, and recharge. For conservation, key components of a successful campaign will help us develop a movement that elicits water conservation from households to businesses to the agricultural sector. For recharge, we’ve learned from Atlanta that starting with a requirement rather than an ‘opt-in’ strategy might be the best way to gain the momentum that we need to manage our stormwater through green infrastructure.  And for reuse, we’ve learned that changing the paradigm surrounding reuse water might be most easily done with creativity and a sense of humor – as Arizona has done with a ‘Pure Water Brew Challenge.’

Since in Hawaii we are at the forefront of a changing climate, we are more devoted than ever to protect our water resources and to create an equitable water future for all of Hawaii’s residents, for now and for the future. We would like to thank the participants and organizers of the 2017 One Water Summit for making our week in New Orleans both fun and worthwhile.