April 29, 2021

Watch the webinar here.

The Value of Water Campaign polls American voters annually to better understand their opinions about the state of our nation’s water infrastructure and what they view as priorities for action and potential solutions. This Value of Water Index has shown consistently high public support for closing the federal water and wastewater investment gap.

In the US alone, the federal government needs to invest a total of $109 billion per year in water infrastructure over the next 20 years to close the water infrastructure gap. Closing the water infrastructure gap would result in multiple benefits—including growing the nation’s GDP, creating new jobs, and increasing disposable income.

Join the Alliance for this webinar discussion with a pollster, a researcher, and a utility leader on the issue of public support for water infrastructure and what it means for the future of the nation’s water and wastewater systems.


Scott Berry, Director of Policy and Government Affairs, US Water Alliance


Allison Deines, Director of Policy and Strategy, Alexandria Renew Enterprises
Dave Metz, Partner and President, FM3 Research
Dr. Manuel Teodoro, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Lori Weigel, New Bridge Strategies