May 29, 2019

Watch the webinar here.

While increased federal support is important, state governments are uniquely positioned to address water management challenges at the ground level. State policymakers can promote One Water by establishing targets and goals, benchmarking performance, creating enabling conditions, removing barriers and bottlenecks, and prioritizing funding and financing.

The webinar will spotlight the State Policymakers’ Toolkit, which was recently released by the US Water Alliance and the Council of State Governments. The State Policymakers’ Toolkit builds on the One Water for America Listening Sessions and the Seven Big Ideas for water by providing decision makers and advocates with models of successful initiatives and policies from states around the county who are working towards each goal listed in the Seven Big Ideas.

Our panelists will also discuss changes in state governments following the 2018 midterm elections and some of the success stories from One Water leaders working to engage state policymakers.


Scott Berry, Director of Policy and Government Affairs, US Water Alliance


Daniel Logsdon, Assistant Director of Policy and Research, The Council of State Governments
Karyn Riley, Director, Intergovernmental Relations, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
Chris Sturm, Managing Director, Water and Policy, New Jersey Future