March 7, 2018

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Utilities across the country grapple with affordability concerns for their customers. The heart of the issue is ensuring that everyone has access to affordable water and sewer service, while also generating sufficient utility revenues to cover rising costs, deal with our aging infrastructure, and protect public health. While water service is generally affordable for most Americans, the lowest 20 percent of earners pay almost one-fifth of their monthly household income for water. Utilities in rural areas and cities with declining populations struggle to keep water affordable, while funding infrastructure needs to protect public health and comply with regulations.  Water rates need to reflect the needs of the entire community, from the utility to the customer.  Join us for part five of a seven-part series diving into each of the Seven Big Ideas in the One Water for America Policy Framework.


Rob Curry, Executive Director, CHN Housing Partners
Constance Haqq, Director of Administration & External Affairs, Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District
Debra McCarty, Commissioner, Philadelphia Water
Josie Pickens, Co-Director for Energy Unit, Community Legal Services of Philadelphia