January 31, 2018

Watch the recording here.

When it comes to improving water quality and conservation, one topic drives more interest and engagement than almost anything else: building partnerships between water providers and the agricultural sector. Agriculture is a crucial keystone of our society, but is also one of the greatest contributors to water pollution.  Agriculture and land management present the best opportunities to protect water quality, preserve ecosystems, and safeguard our drinking water supplies. By developing and implementing best practices that balance conservation with productivity, we can greatly improve the quality of our surface and groundwater resources.  Join us for part two of a seven-part series diving into each of the Seven Big Ideas in the One Water for America Policy Framework.


Mark Jockers, Government and Public Affairs Manager, Clean Water Services
Steve Hershner, Utilities Director, City of Cedar Rapids
Kristi Heffelmeier, Farmer, Middle Cedar Watershed
Jason Gomes, Small Business Owner, North Iowa Agronomy Partners, LLC

View Clean Water Services’ short video on their agriculture partnership that was discussed in the webinar here.