November 12, 2019

Watch the recording here.

This month’s One Water Webinar addresses the critical need to communicate the value of water to different stakeholders. Too often the water systems, and service providers, that provide our nation with a life-sustaining product are out of sight and out of mind. Historically, this has been a sign of a successfully operation but, with the mounting challenges facing America’s water infrastructure, it is increasingly important for water utilities to engage with their communities in a proactive and authentic way.

With many issues to prioritize—protecting public health, sustaining relationships, promoting climate resilience, maintaining systems, investing in capital improvement projects, and more – communication can sometimes take a back burner. It is understandable that communicating the importance of the sector’s work is not always top of mind, but effective communication is critical to the success of any water provider. Public education through a diversity of media is an essential component of fostering community buy-in for a new product, service, or project.

This month, the Alliance is partnering with Water Online for a webinar conversation with One Water leaders who have years of experience with organizational branding and messaging. Webinar attendees will come away with an understanding of the fundamentals of strategic communication, with a focus on persuasive messaging in the face of challenges.


Kevin Westerling, Chief Editor, Water Online


Abigail Gardner, Communications Director, Value of Water Campaign & US Water Alliance
Emily Simonson, Senior Manager, Strategy and Special Projects, US Water Alliance