By Radhika Fox, CEO, US Water Alliance

February 8, 2019

Three years ago, top leaders in the water industry came together to establish a shared vision for how the sector could better communicate the value of water. Utilities, engineering companies, and policy groups set a big, audacious goal: launch a disciplined and sustained educational effort to build the public and political will to dramatically increase investment in our nation’s aging and failing water infrastructure. The campaign would align everyone who has a stake in our nation’s water future to make progress together.

We devised an ambitious three-year strategy. We set aside our individual policy positions or differences of opinion, and spoke with one voice on the value of water. Now, we are proud to share this report on the progress we’ve made, together.

Looking back on the past three years, I’m struck by the high-quality work the Value of Water Campaign has done, and the content we’ve provided to the sector. We craft compelling, research-backed messages that help move the public opinion on water. We produce tools and resources that build the sector’s capacity to make the case for investment. The high-impact events and opportunities for action we create make water visible nationally. We continue to build strong relationships and deepen the bench of water champions. And, already, we’ve brought millions of Americans with us on this journey through our robust media engagement.

The Value of Water Campaign’s success is only possible because water industry leaders aligned, collaborated, and spoke with one voice. As the saying goes, many hands make light work. Because this is a unified effort, our focused message is heard across the country, in the halls of Congress, on social media, and more.

We have done incredible work together, but this is only the beginning. The Value of Water Campaign has exciting opportunities ahead, and we invite all who care about our nation’s water infrastructure to join us.