Our Work

This is a defining moment for water providers, business leaders, environmental organizations, the agricultural sector, community stewards—in short, for all of us. The importance of sustainable stewardship of our water resources has captured public attention as never before, as the nation deals with epic drought in the West, extreme weather events in the East and Midwest, increased flooding due to climate change and rising sea levels, and unprecedented pressure on water supplies in the face of urbanization and population growth. The US Water Alliance brings together all those that have a stake in sustainable and resilient water systems and resources.


We build a diverse base of One Water champions through mutual discovery, education, and engagement with all who have a stake in our water future. 

The challenges facing our nation’s water infrastructure couldn’t be greater. A water main breaks every two minutes. It’s estimated that the nation must invest $109 billion per year over the next 20 years to modernize our water and wastewater systems. Despite these challenges, there is a lack of public awareness and understanding of water infrastructure and water services in our country, which often results in poor decisions and inadequate funding due to misguided assumptions and inaccurate perceptions.
We must change the water mindset in America. 

We must change the water mindset in America. Everyone needs to understand the true value of water and stand up for investment in our water infrastructure.

That’s why the US Water Alliance convenes the Value of Water Campaign, which is focused on building public and political will for investment in sustainable water infrastructure and water resources. Through education and advocacy campaigns, strategic communications and media activities, high-impact events, and publications, we are helping the nation understand that water is essential, invaluable, and in need of investment.


We accelerate the adoption of One Water to advance a better quality of life for all.

All around the country, water leaders are advancing more sustainable and inclusive approaches to managing water resources. Integrated, One Water management approaches recognize that all water has value and that we can manage water in a manner that provides for an essential service, while also building strong economies, vibrant communities, and healthy environments.
One Water approaches are progressing in multiple arenas—from recovering precious nutrients and energy from wastewater; to utilizing green stormwater techniques to address flooding while beautifying neighborhoods; to watershed level planning and collaboration to address water quality issues; and much more. The Alliance is focused on moving the nation from promising examples of integrated water resource management, to One Water being the operating paradigm in every urban, suburban, and rural community across America.


We celebrate what works to spread and drive innovation in the water sector.

While the challenges facing water infrastructure and water resources are great, our capacity for innovation and problem-solving is greater. There are inspiring examples across the country of sustainable, integrated, and inclusive water resource management—the US Water Alliance celebrates and spreads these One Water solutions.
The Alliance shines a bright light on One Water champions. We celebrate those who engage in groundbreaking work through story-telling, cataloging and disseminating best practices, and spearheading special recognition programs, such as the US Water Prize, that focus attention on how One Water leaders are building stronger communities and a stronger America.