Iowa delegates taking steps to secure a positive water future at home

Sarah Feehan, Communications Intern, Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance | July 24, 2017

The Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance (IAWA), in collaboration with the Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) and the Iowa Corn Growers Association (ICGA), led a diverse, 30-member delegation to the One Water Summit 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana, last month.  | More >

Los Angeles One Water Delegation Reflects on One Water Summit 2017

Los Angeles One Water Delegation | July 21, 2017

The Los Angeles One Water Delegation left the 2017 One Water Summit invigorated not only by the opportunities to share expertise and innovative ideas with professionals from around the nation, but also by the enthusiasm of our diverse group of professionals to return to LA and continue our path of collaboration toward a sustainable and resilient water future. | More >

Making Water Accessible and Affordable in Philadelphia

Debra McCarty, Philadelphia Water Commissioner | July 19, 2017

There’s no doubt that rising water rates can have a significant impact on low-income families in Philadelphia.  That’s why the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) is expanding our customer assistance programs. | More >

Transforming schoolyards into models of sustainable water infrastructure

Allison Fore, Public and Intergovernmental Affairs Officer, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago | July 19, 2017

Investments in water infrastructure projects do more than help improve water quality and services. These critical investments can also transform neighborhoods and advance the local quality of life by supporting the creation of healthy green spaces. | More >

Hawaii Delegation - Reflections of the One Water Summit

Hawaii One Water Delegation | July 19, 2017

After a week of networking, collaborating, and learning at the 2017 One Water Summit the Hawaii Delegation is in a better position than ever to implement initiatives that increase water conservation, reuse, and recharge. | More >

Water Alliance report a blueprint for more climate-resilient, equitable water systems

Jalonne White-Newsome Senior Program Officer The Kresge Foundation, Environment Program | July 11, 2017

I heard about a young mother whose children were almost removed from her home because she couldn’t afford the water bill.  I recall listing my home in Texas as a temporary shelter for people who had lost their homes to Hurricane Katrina flooding.   | More >

Camden Collaborative Initiative: Putting neighborhoods at the center of cross-sector partnerships

US Water Alliance and Andy Kricun, Executive Director, Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority | July 11, 2017

Camden, New Jersey, faces serious economic and environmental challenges that reflect its history as an industrial city. Camden is home to hundreds of contaminated areas, including two Superfund sites and 114 other contaminated sites. These environmental issues that pose a significant threat to any neighboring residents, particularly Camden’s minority populations and economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. | More >

Politics as a Lagging Indicator: Why Washington is the way it is

G. Tracy Mehan, III Executive Director, Government Affairs, American Water Works Association | July 5, 2017

Politicians are as much a result of the current national distemper as a cause. Politics in the nation’s capital is a lagging indicator. AWWA’s voice, advocating for smart water policy and promoting public health and the environment, has never been more critical. | More >

Preserving Hawaii’s Precious Resource: Wai

Hawaii One Water Delegation | June 21, 2017

In Hawaii, water has been viewed with such importance that the traditional Hawaiian term is “Wai”, which also means wealth (“WaiWai”). | More >

Water is the Missing Ingredient from Infrastructure Talk

Eileen O'Neill, Executive Director, Water Environment Federation | June 20, 2017

As we hear a chorus of calls for increased investment in our nation’s infrastructure, there is often one word absent from the conversation – water. | More >