What Would a Day Without Water Be Like? Students Reflect on Imagine a Day Without Water

Megan Demit, US Water Alliance | October 19, 2017

For Imagine a Day Without Water, US Water Alliance member SUEZ partnered with Hooper Elementary School in Toms River, NJ to host an essay-writing contest on the topic of “A Day Without Water.” Click to read the three winning essays! | More >

Blog from ASCE: Imagine a Day Without Water

Caitlin Hone, American Society of Civil Engineers | October 12, 2017

Value of Water Campaign supporter ASCE, whose 2017 Infrastructure Report Card graded the nation's water and wastewater infrastructure at a "D," explains the critical need for investment in our water infrastructure. Read about the work ASCE is doing to make water a priority on the local, state, and federal levels. | More >

Imagine a Day Without Water

Radhika Fox, CEO, US Water Alliance | October 11, 2017

Of all the devastating images and discouraging news that came out of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, one nagging stat was both hard to fathom and hard for television media to convey through pictures: millions of Americans were living without water service.  | More >

When an Island Becomes a Desert: A Real Life Day(s) Without Water

Danielle Mayorga, The Value of Water Campaign | October 9, 2017

This week, nearly 700 organizations across the country will participate in Imagine a Day Without Water, a national day of education and awareness about the value of water and the important role of water and wastewater infrastructure. Millions of Americans will try to imagine a day without water to brush their teeth, bathe their children, grow their produce, or make their coffee. Meanwhile, millions living in Puerto Rico don’t have to imagine a day without water. They are living it; and have been for weeks. | More >

Imagine a Day Without Water (and Water Infrastructure)

Amber Wilson, Communications Specialist, American Water Works Association | October 8, 2017

There is growing consensus that our water infrastructure is in need of investment, and the price tag of repair will be high. But there are some signs of progress. | More >

Think Globally, Act Locally to Spark Interest in a One Water Future

Sarah Crawford, Community Educator, Hampton Roads Sanitation District | October 3, 2017

If we want our communities to value water, we need to get better at communicating its value. Learn ways to inspire current and future generations to care about protecting our most valuable resource. | More >

Sneak Peek: What's Happening for Imagine a Day Without Water

Madison Heuston, US Water Alliance | September 22, 2017

Imagine a Day Without Water is only three weeks away! As the national day of education and advocacy draws closer, we wanted to highlight a few of the inventive and exciting ways organizations around the country are spreading the word about the value of water. We hope the events listed below will inspire you to show your community how you #ValueWater.  | More >

The Value of Partnerships in Building Awareness

Megan Demit, US Water Alliance | September 15, 2017

Imagine a Day Without Water provides great opportunities to strengthen community partnerships and more effectively spread the message about the value of water. It’s important to talk about water beyond traditional utility, engineering, and environmental spheres. Once we do, we are all better able to understand broader benefits that these systems provide to things we take for granted every day. | More >

6 Ways to Deepen Your Engagement on Social Media

Megan Demit, US Water Alliance | August 28, 2017

How we can use social media to better raise awareness about the value of water in America? Here are some examples of how to creatively promote Imagine a Day Without Water and deepen your engagement with your networks. | More >

VIDEO BLOG: Kansas City businesses and groups can't “Imagine a Day Without Water”

Brooke Givens, KC Water | August 25, 2017

Looking for a unique way to engage businesses in your community during Imagine a Day Without Water? Check out this example from KC Water. Last year, KC Water recorded video interviews with water-reliant businesses and industries in Kansas City about why water is so important to their work.  | More >