U.S. Water Alliance Announces Radhika Fox Will Be Its Next CEO

July 21, 2015

Today the US Water Alliance (Alliance) announced that Radhika Fox will be its next CEO. Fox is currently the director of the Value of Water Coalition and previously directed policy and government affairs for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

“Radhika Fox is a visionary leader that will inspire and excite our membership,” said Dick Champion, Chair of the Alliance Board. “Under Radhika’s exceptional direction, the US Water Alliance has been honored to staff the Value of Water Coalition, a diverse coalition that educates and inspires people about how water is essential, invaluable, and worthy of investment. Her experience with the Value of Water Coalition, coupled with her diverse policy experience, makes her the perfect person to steer us into a one water future.” | More >

CNN Money: “3 cool technologies that could save the world's water”

June 11, 2015

One company uses moss to clean water, while another purifies it by passing it through stone. A third promises a new technology that can cut the cost of turning sea water into drinking water by 70%.

All these firms are out of Minnesota, where talent from a longstanding group of industries is combining with growing demand for water from places like California to create a thriving scene for water tech startups. | More >

Cleveland Plain Dealer: “How far Cleveland Water has come: Radhika Fox (Opinion)”

May 15, 2015 How Far Cleveland Water Has Come

In 1969, the water situation in Cleveland was dire. The Cuyahoga River fires made Cleveland the symbol of our nation's environmental woes. Forty-six years after images published by Time magazine and National Geographic of the river ablaze were seared into the nation's collective consciousness, Cleveland should be applauded for the staggering progress you've made.
Back then, Cleveland was the poster child for our nation's polluted waterways; now, it is a gleaming example of the positive transformation of a region through clean water investments. | More >