An Equitable Water Future for All

Water shapes economic growth, the environment, and the very social fabric of our communities. Through this project, the US Water Alliance will explore how water management impacts disadvantaged communities, with a focus on advancing programs and policies that can secure a sustainable water future for all Americans.

Progress is happening on multiple fronts. Utilities are deploying a range of approaches to contribute to a more equitable society—from low-income assistance programs, to workforce development and inclusive contracting, to leveraging capital projects to foster neighborhood revitalization. Private companies are engaging in efforts to restore watersheds and enrich communities they operate in. Community-based organizations that have historically worked on issues such as affordable housing and transportation, are turning their attention to local water concerns. A growing number of philanthropic organizations are incorporating water into their portfolio of investments to build a society and economy that works for everyone.

The US Water Alliance is conducting a national scan to catalogue the stakeholders and promising practice related to water management and disadvantaged communities. The findings from the national scan will inform the development of a clearinghouse and briefing paper that will serve as a resource for those interested in understanding the field of practice and connecting with others.

The national scan and briefing paper will be completed by the Spring of 2017. To learn more about this project, please contact Danielle Mayorga,