By Keith Zukowski, Value of Water Coalition

April 8, 2015

Steak, brocolli, tomatoes and potatoes. You’ve got your proteins, your veggies, your fruit and your starches. You also have a plate full of water. When chowing down on our dinner it’s rare that we consider how much water it took to produce that food. But the reality is that in California, the infamously water-strapped state, agriculture uses 80% of the state’s supply. Keeping the doctor away? That apple will require 19 gallons of water to produce. That glass of wine you’re drinking? 32 gallons. And that delicios steak was produced using 1,230 gallons of water. 

Water is everywhere and not just in its natural form. Without it, your drinking glass wouldn’t be the only empty thing. Your plate would be too. Visit LA Times to see the amount of water needed to produce many different foods.