State Policymakers' Toolkit

As the Seven Big Ideas continue to spark imaginations around the country, it’s clear that state governments are essential to advancing One Water. In addition to the role state agencies have in implementing and enforcing surface water and drinking water laws, state policymakers are uniquely positioned to address water management issues through legislation and executive office initiatives. These policymakers can work directly with their municipalities to hear the concerns of ratepayers and give local governments the flexibility and support they need.
The Alliance, in partnership with the Council of State Governments, developed, the State Policymakers Toolkit to spotlight the important role that state governments can play in advancing sustainable water management, and to serve as a resource for elected officials and staff in the executive and legislative branches of state government. For each of the Seven Big Ideas, the toolkit summarizes the key issues and provides examples of how states are working to address them. The promising case studies are not meant to be prescriptive, but rather serve as a starting place for generating potential ideas. To read the full toolkit, follow the link below.