Climate Action Through One Water

One Water is a strategic pathway toward climate action. Climate solutions cannot be solved by any one sector alone and are demanding unprecedented innovation and collaboration. The water sector is rapidly evolving. Infusing equity thinking and action across all climate strategies being undertaken in the water sector is of the utmost importance.

The water sector is at the forefront of the climate crisis. Intense storms and other extreme weather events, repetitive flooding, very hot and dry conditions and droughts, sea level rise, and saltwater intrusion are occurring more often and more severely than ever before. Projections indicate we will only see an increase in these events across the nation, with lower-income people, communities of color, and other vulnerable populations hit the hardest. Securing a sustainable water future for all is inextricably tied to our ability to account for, and manage, these new climate realities.
The Alliance’s Climate Action through One Water Initiative unites diverse interests in the water sector, including utilities, consulting firms, local government agencies, environmental organizations, community partners, and social practice artists, to address the climate crisis and foster equitable solutions through adaptation, resilience, and mitigation strategies. Read more about efforts of this diverse coalition below.