By Danielle Mayorga, The Value of Water Campaign

August 7, 2017

Imagine a Day Without Water 2017 is the third annual day to raise awareness and educate America about the value of water. Last year, over 500 organizations came together. Will you join us this year? 

1.      Host a tour, open house, or event.

Water and wastewater infrastructure—from pipes to plants—is often out of sight and out of mind. Make it visible by hosting an open house at a facility, a tour of a construction site, or community fair with other organizations. Invite elected officials, the business community, stakeholders, the press, and/or the general public!

Ideas to get you started:

2.      Partner with schools or local businesses to create community awareness.

Water is essential to every aspect of our communities. Imagine a Day Without Water is the perfect opportunity to engage schools, businesses, and community groups in building awareness of the vital role water plays to the environment, the economy, and the community.  

Ideas to get you started:

3.      Get water in the news.

Write an op-ed for your local paper or business journal. Consider co-authoring with interesting or unexpected names on the byline—perhaps a representative from a local business that is water reliant, like a regional craft beer distillery, restaurant, or manufacturing company. Pitch newsworthy stories about water issues in your community. Invite the media to take an exclusive, behinds the scenes tour or to cover a local event. Download our press release template or op-ed template.

Ideas to get you started:

  • Pitch Imagine a Day Without Water content to local media outlets
  • Author an Op-Ed—write your own or start with our template
  • Dedicate your blog to discuss what a day without water means to you

4.      Issue a local/state proclamation or resolution.

We need more elected and appointed officials that can be champions for water. Ask your mayor, city council, county council, state legislator, governor, regulator, US representative, or senator for a proclamation or resolution on Imagine a Day Without Water. Download our template here

Ideas to get your started: 

  • Governor commits to educating the public about the value of water
  • Mayors demonstrate they value the importance of water to their community
  • City councils and local commissions observe “Imagine a Day Without Water”

5.      Engage on social media.

Download the Imagine a Day Without Water graphics to share on Twitter and Facebook using #ValueWater. Share a video or infographic, create a twitter poll, launch a selfie campaign, provide a snapchat filter, or go live to engage your network and discuss the value of water to daily life and the community.

Ideas to get you started:

  • Share a video that show’s a day without water
  • Poll your social media network about how they value water and wastewater services
  • Create an online pledge for your network to commit to valuing water
  • Use water-themed memes and gifs to spark awareness
  • Share infographics to share facts and data
  • Create a snapchat filter in your area