By The Courier Journal

October 22, 2015

Imagine, just for a moment, a day without clean water.   No shower in the morning, no toilet flushes during the day, no glass of Louisville Pure Tap in the evening.  And those are just the most obvious uses of water.

Louisvillians consume, in one form or another, about 130 million gallons of water a day: in our homes, our businesses, our factories and in the products we consume. Without water, daily life would grind to a halt. No milk, no soft drinks, no beer, no food.

Water comprises 60 percent of our body weight.  With too little water we dehydrate, becoming  sick within days. With too much water, we drown. If we super clean water it becomes poisonous, as pure H2O will absorb vital minerals from our body. Water, the most abundant resource on the planet, is in balance. We must all work to protect our water resources and the water environment for future generations.

In Louisville we are blessed  to have the Ohio River with more than 75 billion gallons of water flowing past our city every day. This abundant supply is a lifeline for our community.  While communities in the western U.S. are rationing water, Louisville is embracing this ample resource to attract businesses and grow the new economy for the 21st century.

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